Due to Corona time the Border party in Sonderburg on 11.07.2020 is cancelled and reported to next year !

I – Colombia (January / February 2020)

I joined the Thieulin coast which arrived a few days ago was already in the north of the country towards Cartagena. On the road I learn that German Companions are working in the north of the country in Minca, they are blue carpenters ties unfortunately our roads will not cross but I hope to read their adventure soon.

We then visit the island of Orika where we have a good time and visit the surroundings of a house occupied by Pablo Escobar, swim in the mangrove and above the coral.
We then always go further south, here we are now in Medellin and again a nice meeting with a German companion black tie and mason by profession, I remember already having seen banana trees as far as the eye can see but it was a little further north.

Further south we will stay a few days in Cali, the capital of Salsa, before joining the border with Ecuador where we will visit a beautiful church that reminds us of its use in Lourdes in the south of France.

See you soon for more…

Gael Viala
Auvergnat the Serenity of Saint Christine.

Call Corona crisis

From 20 to 24 April 2020 in Strasbourg in the Council of Europe

Think well in advance prevent Andreas Esser or Gael Viala for all administrative procedures, no one goes without a badge.

Like every year, twice a year, the INGO Conference held in Strasbourg. CGC as an Organization Non Governmental International are also entitled to a place at the event. The Danish minister of foreign affairs, Per Haekkerup say “Companions are the first European”. Place of discussion and debates around meeting as wide as the geopolitical, childhood culture. These associations are also very different universes, associations violinists, protection of women, religious, etc.… Our presence, in addition to allowing us to exist among public bodies, also allows each partner who participates to expand its own field of knowledge and discover a universe that we often, our artisans, inaccessible. Each member of the CGC may if they wish participate. it is sufficient for it to make the request. This year's spring session will be held from April 20 to 24.