Since 2007, European companies Compagnonniques gather around the project “House Calfelor” (Home of the Companions), whose purpose is the exchange of cultural wealth of the different guilds. All Companions (and aspirants) are invited as part of the project to freely develop their skills and to exchange ideas. The casa offers space, materials, tools and a community. The objective is to contribute to the preservation of the Romanian Casa and craft heritage, while having fun together and learning from each other.

Each year a trip mixing French and German Companions is organized to visit Romania in the traditional companionship German (in stop and walk). The journey starts from one seat to French Sibiu, 2000km dotted with encounters and discoveries.

In 2020 the project will take place from 03/08 to 23/08

The appointment is expected to start on July 4 in Orleans.

On Thursday, 3 October took place the opening of the Hulen Torshavn in the Faroe Islands, the Navern Jørgen Christiansen who ensured the building into the ground under his house, the Rabarbuhúsið. For this occasion 45 Naverns Aarhus, Aalborg, Slagelse, Holbæk, Frederikssund and Sonderburg came to inaugurate this new place. They then parades in Torshavn flags head to stop in front of the town hall. The next bus was rented for a tour of the islands and discover their treasures, the ancient home foist located Kirkjubøur in front of the St. Magnus Cathedral.

Values ​​comrades Cher Compagnions,
We would like shaft-cross you first Bootsbauertreffen im „Europahaus Dümmer“ einladen, am 11.08.2018 zu der Taufe eines Holzbootes welches für den Gebrauch aller C.C.E.G. Gesellen im Europahaus verbleiben soll.
The construction of the 3.40m long boat started on 06.18.2018.
Interested comrades can find out about the
Report dumber telephone 0157 519 01 350 and boat builders meet @ gmail.
Zureise is the 10.08.2018
C.C.E.G. Europahaus
Dorfstraße 16a
19073 Dumber
FFB Marc Schneider and F.V.D. Michael Vogt

The winner of the competition Charly was chosen:

Ready to run me

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The Charly you gain each at the head office of your associations, or bem Cashier CCEG.

it is enough mail to: where your angebt a receiver's address.


The CCEG hereby declare a Charly competition.

There was a Charlottenburger the CCEG in the past has often.

The conceptual approach of the organizers:

• Multi
• Youth free
• reference to recognizable CCEG
• 90cm x 90cm

The implementation:

• Is coordinated by the Executive Board


• Graphic representation, Scene Description max. one A4 page
• Languages: French, German or Danish
• With Project Name & Date anonymously be sent to:

Came. Ludwig Hense,
Water-Bergstrasse 32,
D-32606 Vlotho

selection procedure:

• The closing date is March 15, 2018
• On March 24, 2018 all entries will be displayed at the end CCEG board meeting in Aachen and evaluated by the jury
• The jury is made by all present CCEG Journeyman
• As a mediator and award instance the CCEG acts Bureau
• The result will be published on the CCEG page

So let's dance the journeyman art supplies!

EFV. Jürgen Häcker